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            People are having problems emailing me!

            ANSWER: #1 Add them to yourr WHITELIST or APPROVED senders or ADDRESS book. Each email service and software is different. Please see your HELP file on the software or service that you are using for more information. If the emails go into your spam folder, just select the email and mark it as NOT SPAM or NOT JUNK or add them to your CONTACTS or ADDRESS book.

            ANSWER: #2 Their email service may be blocked by our firewall. This happens when a user is on a network or IP address that is known to have spam issues. After Dark Grafx servers use multiple spam lists to check to see if the email that is coming into the server is spam by using these lists among other techniques to block spam. If you are a current After Dark Grafx client you can easily ALLOW someone to send email to you at your hosted DOMAIN with After Dark Grafx by adding that email address or domain to the Spam Assassin White List Settings. If you need help setting this up, please contact us.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 06:44 AM
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