After Dark Grafx

            How To Configure your Email Software

            Basic Email Setup

            After Dark Grafx does not support third party email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.

            Please consult the HELP menu of your program or contact the program vendor for help.

             Here is a basic guideline for setting up your email:

             INCOMING MAIL SERVER: (or you will have to see which works with your program. Both are viable options. This is considered a (POP3) email server.

             OUTGOING MAIL SERVER: (in order for you to send email, you must first check your email. This will authenticate you and allow you to send email for a period of time. If you are having trouble sending email. Hit your SEND/RECEIVE button or RECEIVE email button a few times so you can send email. If you are connected through a Hi-Speed Internet Connection (not dial up) it is recommended that you use their outgoing (SMTP) mail server to avoid any problems.

            If you are having problems sending email, you may need to go back into your program and make sure there is a CHECK BOX where it says MY SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION.

            Select the SETTINGS or PROPERTIES next to this option
            a) If you are using your domain as the outgoing server:
            Select USE SAME SETTINGS AS MY INCOMING MAIL SERVER some providers will need you to Select LOG ON USING and then enter the email and password for your After Dark Grafx account.

            b) If you are using your own internet provider (example: Cox, SBC, Etc.)
            Select LOG ON USING
            Enter your Username and Password for your ISP.
            IMPORTANT: If you are using your own ISP for sending email (outgoing server) make sure you have THEIR SMTP (OUTGOING SERVER) information in the OUTGOING MAIL (SMTP) Box or you will not be able to send email.

            Updated: 02 Jan 2018 06:58 AM
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