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            Computer running slow or email program giving you trouble - DOWNLOAD TWEAKNOW

            Computer running slow or email program giving you trouble? This is the first thing you should do.

            1) Go to
            2) download REG CLEANER (top right menu)

            3) DOWNLOAD - it is free

            4) run the program, install it, and just keep following prompts until it launches
            5) CLOSE all open browsers, CLOSE EMAIL PROGRAM
            6) once open, put checkboxes in all options
            7) Select OPTIMIZE button or start or whatever it says
            8) Once it goes through the optimize phase you will need to select VIEW RESULTS
            9) lastly, you need to select OPTIMIZE  again should be a button on this page.
            10) It will finish
            11) close program
            12) restart computer
            13) enjoy faster computer and email program glitches should be fixed.

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